Les Illingworth


Les Illingworth Retirement

How long have you worked with Rosebridge?

I’m Les Illingworth, and my financial adviser is Darren Maroney, based in the Skipton office. I’ve worked with Darren for about five years.

How has Darren helped you over the last five years?

I was previously with a much larger company, and I felt just like a number there. They didn’t contact me regularly. I wasn’t too sure who was my account manager. I didn’t believe I was getting the service I wanted, so I looked for somebody who I thought could give that service and came across Darren at Rosebridge. Over the last five years, he’s helped me with regular updates on my finances, extraction of money, advice on retirement – things that are important when you work long and hard for your money.

So, there are many things it’s helped me with, and I really appreciate all he’s done.

How does working with Darren make you feel?

It makes me feel as though I can trust him. His work gives me comfort at night, and generally my life feels at ease, and long may that go on.

Does working with Darren make you feel more confident about your future?

Absolutely. Working with Darren gives me every reassurance for the future. My wife and I are very different ages. One of the things, in particular, that’s concerned me is that once I go, what’s going to happen to my wife? He’s made a plan for us that will ensure that once I’m no longer here, she will be well looked after.

If you weren’t working with Darren, would you feel confident about your financial future?

That’s a difficult one because I am working with Darren, and I can’t compare it to anybody else. Well, I can compare it to the company I worked with before Rosebridge – I didn’t feel happy, and if I’d stayed with them, I don’t think I would be happy now. So yes, it gives me a lot of security in the knowledge that as life goes on, I’ll be happy with Darren.

Which three words would you use to describe Rosebridge?

The first one, and probably the most important is “trusting”. It’s very important that I can trust somebody. Second is “honesty”. I think he’s a very honest man and he tells it as it is. And thirdly, “efficient”. I like efficiency and am constantly updated by him. If I have a query he’s very, very quick to answer. Even if he’s not in the office, I get a response. So, I think: trust, honesty and efficiency.

What’s the best thing about working with Rosebridge?

The best thing about working with Darren and Rosebridge is peace of mind. When you get to my age, you begin to worry about things, but Darren gives me great peace of mind.

What’s the best piece of advice Rosebridge has given you?

Probably two years ago when, because of the pandemic, the stock market crashed and I panicked. He said to me, Les don’t worry. The market will come back, as it has. He said let the professionals look after it. We’ll take care of it, don’t you worry, and it’s been proved correct.

Would you recommend Rosebridge to other people?

I would definitely recommend Darren and Rosebridge to anybody. They’re honest, good at what they do and efficient, and they’ve just made my future fantastic.