Peter Bickley

Peter was formerly the UK Chief Strategist and permanent member of the Global Investment Committee for Deutsche Bank and the Chief Economist and Chairman of the Investment Strategy Group for Tilney Investment Management.

Today, Peter has primary responsibility for interpreting the global macro-environment and setting the overall asset allocation strategy for use within the Group’s wide range of risk rated investment portfolios.

Peter Bickley
Head of Asset Allocation – Independent External Specialist

Asset allocation is probably the most important part of portfolio construction. If you get it right you will probably be able to withstand any shocks that are coming along, if you get it wrong at the beginning you are always going to be behind the curve.

Graham Harrison

Graham brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Committee.

After obtaining a post graduate degree from the London School of Economics, Graham worked for HSBC, the Caribbean Development Bank and the Bachmann Group in Guernsey before leading the management buy-out of Asset Risk Consultants (ARC) in 2002.

ARC provide investment consulting, fund manager research and performance reporting services to the financial industry. ARC are also the leading provider of investment management performance benchmarks via their Private Client and Charity Indices.

Having worked with members of Group IFA in the past Graham is also familiar with the ethos of the business.

Graham Harrison
Co-founder and Group Managing Director
of Asset Risk Consultants (ARC) – Independent External Specialist

My role on the Investment Committee will be to challenge, question and bring a truly impartial viewpoint to the discussions and decisions we make.

Simon Brett

Simon was formerly Director and Chief Investment Officer at Parmenion. His professional approach to investment management has allowed him to ensure that every investment is fit for its intended purpose. Simon has been in the industry for over 30 years, gaining far-reaching experience and knowledge that he uses within the Group IFA Investment Committee.

He is also associated with the Chartered Securities Institute.

Simon Brett
Independent External Specialist

Being responsible for all investment solutions ensures that every investment is fit for purpose