Stephen Greenhalgh

Business owner

Stephen Greenhalgh – Managing Director – JJO plc Business owner

Why did you need Rosebridge’s help?

I’m Stephen Greenhalgh, MD of JJO PLC. I’ve been a client of Rosebridge for about 15 years now.

We were coming off the back of an issue with our previous advisor and pension provider. I’d known Phil previously for a long time, and it was a great fit for him to pick up the existing scheme and sort out the problems that we had ongoing.

How has Rosebridge helped you?

I think Rosebridge have provided us with an overarching financial solution to the family’s business and personal investments. They have come up with innovative solutions delivered in a confident and relaxed manner, and really given us the ability to park our investment decisions with Rosebridge and get on with the business of making money in our business.

How did Rosebridge help you move your business to employee ownership?

Our principal business, JJO PLC has recently undergone a transition to be an employee ownership trust. Now, it is quite a journey and quite an upheaval; we’re a third-generation family business.

I think that the advice and the comfort, and using Phil as a sounding board for that whole process, made it phenomenally easier. I think without that external advice, and that friendly ear, the whole process would have been much more difficult.

Phil’s been involved in the process, from talking about investments of the proceeds of the EOT, to really just kind of holding our hands when we perhaps didn’t think it was as great of an idea as it was. So he’s been a steady and calming influence.

How does working with Rosebridge make your feel?

I think it creates a strong sense of peace of mind. And the fact that you’re confident to leave your investments knowing that they’re in exceptionally capable hands, that they are being well managed, that all current legislation and accountability is being addressed. It’s a problem off your plate. That problem is delegated and you focus on doing your job.

What makes Rosebridge so enjoyable?

I think the way Phil structures meetings and how the portfolio is managed going forward, there’s a frank exchange of views about business conditions, about market conditions.

How do you feel about the way your investments are managed?

Clearly, investments can go up and down. But the structure that we’ve put together with Phil for the family’s investments covers those eventualities. It’s not a question of what’s in the FTSE every night because we’re confident that fund managers put in place are making those right long term decisions.

There are regular reviews with Phil where we discuss strategy and move things forward. So there is that confidence going forward.

What’s the best thing about working with Rosebridge?

I think the best thing about working with Rosebridge is a relaxed approach, which whilst relaxed is professional, and forward-looking so that you are entirely confident that the right decisions are being made whilst enjoying the experience.

What three words would you use to describe Rosebridge?

The three words I would use to describe my relationship with Rosebridge and Phil; peace of mind. The whole experience is delegated and you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re being taken care of. So ultimate peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned funds are working hard for you.

How does the whole Rosebridge team support you?

The support and the administration of the whole Rosebridge operation is absolutely seamless. I think from regulatory compliance to market insight, the team has got all the documents to hand and everything, all the ducks are in a row and it’s a fabulous service.

How does Rosebridge go the extra mile?

I think one of the things that Phil goes above and beyond in, is in the networking opportunities. He looks at clients and potentially see synergies between clients. Phil has a very long established client who’s an office furniture manufacturer in Bolton, who introduced me to so we have complementary businesses in terms of production capacity, whilst we service different markets, so there is no conflict.

Last year when we were experiencing a demand surge, we were lucky enough to be able to sub-contract some work to the office furniture manufacturer in Bolton and that absolutely saved us. We would have been sunk without that. And without Phil’s introduction, that wouldn’t have been possible.

Would you recommend Rosebridge to other people?

There’s no question I would recommend Rosebridge to any number of business associates or friends. The decision of appointing the right financial advisor is a serious one. And I think that the track record that Rosebridge have had with our business and our investments has been second to none, but also the enjoyment of a good, solid working relationship.