Pre and post retirement

With one of our Chartered Financial Planners helping to plan your retirement, you can feel confident and optimistic about your financial future.

Mike Ganley Retirement

Your ideal retirement

Our advice centres on your objectives for the future. We will help to determine your target retirement age, as well as establishing what your ideal retirement lifestyle looks like. With this in mind, we can build a financial strategy designed to get you there – and with ongoing reviews, we can ensure you stay on track.

Kathleen Wallace Business Owner

Investments aligned with your goals

You will benefit from our experienced and astute investment committee, comprising a panel of Chartered advisers and investment specialists. Bringing more than 200 years of cumulative experience to the table, they are best placed to implement tailored investment portfolios for a variety of risk requirements.

Michael Paying for long-term care

For the long term

We can support you and your family through every stage of your journey, including planning for the long term. Whether it is advising on a strategy to fund the cost of care or helping you effectively plan your estate, our experts will support you through the decision-making and beyond.