How we’re helping to increase the financial planning sector at Rosebridge

At Rosebridge, we’re keen to build a team of people who are passionate about establishing a career in financial services.

It’s within our company culture to make financial services an accessible career to young people, showing them the immense value of the work we do and actively offering them opportunities to progress.

We’ve recently had multiple members of our team reach notable milestones in their careers, growing their knowledge and skillsets within the company.

Find out more about how we’re contributing to increasing the financial planning sector here at Rosebridge.

A commitment to continued professional development

We believe knowledge and experience are the key cornerstones of effective financial advice. That’s why we actively support the continued professional development of our staff.

This year, three of our advisers have achieved Chartered financial planning status, and two team members have achieved their diploma in financial planning.

We continue to aspire to build our team and already have career plans in place to begin the roadmap to Chartered for some of our other advisers, too.

Read more about a few of our recent team successes below.

Grace completes her apprenticeship

Firstly, our client administrator Grace Parry has completed her apprenticeship towards becoming a diploma-qualified financial adviser.

Grace has been on the team at our Chester office since it opened in 2017, working closely with Jane O’Hara and Tom Kennedy’s clients. In fact, you may well have spoken to Grace while booking in your annual review meeting or receiving answers to queries on payment details and timescales.

Having completed her apprenticeship, Grace is well on the road to achieving her diploma and becoming a qualified financial planner.

Everyone at Rosebridge warmly congratulates Grace for her achievement, and we look forward to seeing her continue to develop her skills over the coming years.

Chris achieves his diploma in financial planning

Our next recent success has been Chris Swaby achieving his diploma in financial planning.

Having been with the company for over 10 years, Chris is one of our “homegrown” advisers, working in various roles at Rosebridge since he joined in 2009.

Chris very much enjoys the technical aspect of financial planning, and this achievement means he is just one step away from Chartered status, the highest level of qualification planners can reach in the UK.

It’s been rewarding for everyone at Rosebridge to see Chris work all the way up in the planning profession over the past decade. Moving forwards, we will actively support him as he continues to refine his skills and become even more qualified.

Andrew attains Chartered financial planning status

Finally, Andrew Lee achieved Chartered financial planning status, the “gold standard” of the planning profession, in April 2022.

As our very first homegrown adviser, Andrew has quickly climbed the financial planning ladder since joining Rosebridge in 2014 as a trainee administrator. In that time, he completed his diploma in financial planning in 2016, shortly followed by his advance diploma.

Now, having attained Chartered status, Andrew also has the highest possible qualification in financial planning under his belt.

Andrew’s hard work and enthusiasm have been the driving forces for him in getting to this point, and everyone at Rosebridge is delighted to see him reach this milestone.

His success is a perfect example of our commitment to helping provide opportunities for the next generation of advisers and planners.

Want to work with us? Get in touch

Our support of the next generation of financial planners means you can be confident that an expert is helping you when you work with us.

If you’d like help from a team of planners and advisers with the highest possible levels of knowledge and experience, please do get in touch today.

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