10 simple ways to prepare your home for another scorching summer

The summer of 2022 was one of the hottest on records in the UK. As the Met Office noted, it was the joint-hottest on record for England, according to mean temperature.

This trend is set to continue this year, too, with the Met Office predicting that 2023 will likely not be a record-breaking year, but still a “notable year in the series” of increasing temperatures globally.

When temperatures are in the high 20s and into the 30s, it can often feel almost unbearable. That’s why it might be sensible to prepare for the heat now, ahead of its arrival in the summer months.

Of course, while there are downsides to excessively hot weather, you should also remember to enjoy the summer sun while it’s here. That’s why you should make sure you’re best placed to make the most of it, too.

So, from protecting your home to getting it ready so you can make the most of the heat, discover 10 ways to prepare your home for another scorching summer.

5 ways to protect your home

With potentially hot weather just a couple of months away, these five tips could help you protect your home and live a little easier in the heat.

1. Keep your home as cool as possible

In hot weather, keeping your home cool is a top priority. There are plenty of different methods you could employ to achieve this, including:

  • Strategically opening windows to create a cross-breeze that funnels cool air in and carries hot air out
  • Swapping out winter blankets and duvets for thinner, lighter linens
  • Switching from incandescent lightbulbs to LEDs, which emit less heat.

Simple changes like these can keep the air as cool as possible, turning your home into a safe haven during the hottest days.

2. Prepare your garden to protect it from the extreme heat

While plants and wildlife thrive in the sun, extreme high temperatures can be a threat. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to help protect them.

Water plants earlier or later in the day to avoid the moisture instantly evaporating in the heat, and move pots into shade where you can. You could even create shade for plants you can’t move – hanging a sheet on a pole or pergola can help to protect them from direct sunshine.

Make sure you have a bird bath that you keep topped up, too. Small pools of water can evaporate quickly in summer, meaning birds will need a drink more than ever.

3. Keep an eye on mould growth

Mould can thrive when temperatures rise, especially in humid rooms such as bathrooms. So, you should be extra vigilant over mould when temperatures are high for prolonged periods.

A supposedly good tip for this is buying a peace lily. As explained on the Heart website, these plants can absorb moisture in the air and prevent mould from thriving.

4. Fix the roof before it becomes too hot to do so

The old adage of “fixing the roof while the sun is shining” is most often referred to in winter, but you should make sure the exterior of your home is in good shape before it becomes too hot to work on it.

Make sure that external fittings, from roof tiles and eaves to gutters and even windows, are all properly furnished and in repair.

This could even have an instant return on your investment, as excessive heat often leads to other extreme weather events. So, preparing earlier can ensure that you won’t be caught out by a flash thunderstorm in the summer months.

5. Plug gaps to protect from pests

As part of keeping the outside of your home in shape, you may also want to look at plugging any gaps to prevent pests from making their way inside.

Many bugs and other creepy crawlies thrive in the heat – ants in particular can be a menace. So, check for gaps in windows and doors, particularly at the rear of the house, and reseal where necessary to keep these creatures outside where they belong.

5 ways to prepare to enjoy the most of the heat

While there are downsides to hot weather, you should also remember to make the most of the heat when it’s here – after all, you never know when rain is coming in the UK!

These five tips can help you prepare for hot weather so you can get the best out of it while it lasts.

1. Clean the barbecue – or buy a new one!

There’s almost nothing more quintessential about summertime than the scent of a hot barbecue with a selection of treats sizzling on top of it. But, throughout the winter and spring months, your barbecue can fall into a sorry state.

So, give your barbecue a proper deep clean so that it’s in the best possible shape to serve your family and friends.

You could even treat yourself to a brand-new gadget for this year. A proper, top-quality barbecue, whether that’s gas, woodfire, or a smoker, can make all the difference to your summer feasts.

2. Touch up your garden furniture

Garden furniture can also take a beating in winter, especially if it’s been outside or uncovered the entire time. So, look at ways to give yours a touch up before the heat arrives.

Whether that’s repainting a table and chairs or teak-oiling a garden bench, give your garden furniture some TLC to make sure it’s in tip-top shape in the event of a heatwave.

3. Consider a ceiling fan in a particularly hot room

Installing a ceiling fan in especially hot rooms can make a significant difference in summer. These fans can provide vital air flow and help to cool you down, making it not just bearable but actually pleasant to be indoors.

Conservatories and orangeries in particular can make good homes for a ceiling fan – these rooms can reach remarkably high temperatures as they tend to be poorly insulated and allow heat to seep in.

4. Put up outdoor fairy lights

One of the great joys of scorching weather is that it’s often warm enough to stay sat outside in the evening. That’s why fairy lights can make a fine addition to the garden, providing some sparkle during a later night in the fresh air.

You can run fairy lights from inside your house, although it may be easier to do so from an outside source of power, or by putting up battery-operated lights.

5. Check that your summer wardrobe is ready to go

Putting away hats, gloves, and scarves, and breaking into the t-shirts, shorts, and sandals is another of the best bits of summer. But it can be a good idea to check that you have everything you need now before finding out that you’re a bit short on lighter, airy clothing in August.

This can also make a fine excuse for a shopping trip if you think you’re in need of a few extra items to keep cool in the heat.

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