Julian Roebuck

Business owner

Julian Roebuck – Managing Director – Gresham Office Furniture Business owner

How long have you worked with Rosebridge?

My name is Julian Roebuck. I own and run a manufacturing business called Gresham Office Furniture, and I’ve been working with Rosebridge since 2004.

How has Rosebridge helped you?

I bought the business that I’m currently running in 2008. With the credit crunch, I needed quite a bit of help and advice and Rosebridge were there to assist with that. As we got through that and the business started to grow, we’ve done more and more in terms of diversification, investments, tax planning, and that type of thing.

How often do you speak with the Rosebridge team?

I probably speak to Phil and Rosebridge once a month and I have a meeting with them twice a year, which is a more formal sit-down, and we go through the portfolio.

How does working with Rosebridge make you feel?

There are a number of things that give me peace of mind when working with Rosebridge. Mainly that they know me personally, they know the situation I’m in, they know my family situation, and they know an awful lot about the business. So that’s what gives me peace of mind when working with Rosebridge.

How would you feel if you weren’t working with Rosebridge?

If I wasn’t working with Rosebridge, I don’t think I would feel the same. This relationship has been developed over many, many years with my father-in-law before me and now myself. So, it’s a unique situation I think I’m in with Rosebridge.

What makes working with Rosebridge so enjoyable?

When I come here and I have my meetings with Phil, I feel very, very relaxed. It’s like coming to an informal meeting. It’s not the corporate investment world. It’s very, very friendly, approachable, and tailored to my requirements.

What’s the best thing about working with Rosebridge?

The best thing about working with Rosebridge is that they know me. They know my family, they know my business, and I know that I’m getting sound advice. It’s the right thing for me, the business and everyone going forward.

How does the whole Rosebridge team support you?

I’ve known Phil for many years now and I’m always able to call him. But if he’s busy, he’s got a whole support team that, again, know me and the business, and can answer questions. They’re great to work with, a really nice team of people.

How does Rosebridge go the extra mile?

Working with Rosebridge, it’s not just myself; it’s also my wife and my family that have dealings with Phil and the team at Rosebridge. They have a way of explaining things very clearly and simply, so that we all know exactly what our investments are and the risks we’re potentially taking.

What three words would you use to describe Rosebridge?

The three words I would use to describe Rosebridge are: trustworthy, experienced, and tailored.

Would you recommend Rosebridge to other people?

Rosebridge was recommended to me by my father-in-law, who’d been dealing with them since 1992. He’s a very, very shrewd businessman, so when he recommends somebody, you know that they’re absolutely first class.

I have recommended Rosebridge to other people. My daughter now uses Rosebridge, so we’re a third-generation family using Rosebridge and its services.